To get the galleries to work on your website you need to do the following steps:

  1. Add script

  2. Add gallery embed code

Follow the steps below in detail.

1. Script

Place the script according to any of the options below, choose what fits your project the best (ask your developer if unsure).

  • At the end, right before the closing </head> tag

  • At the end of the page, right before the closing </body> tag

<script type="module" src="" defer></script>

Adding the script like this allows you to add a Cevoid gallery anywhere on your website. If you only want to add the script to the pages that include the actual galleries you can do that as well.

2. Add a gallery embed code

  1. Visit the Gallery page in the Cevoid platform and press any gallery you want to embed on your website.

  2. Copy the code from the modal.

  3. Paste this code on your website where you want the gallery to appear!

Code example

<div id="cevoid-container" data-gallery="{ENTER_GALLERY_ID}"></div>

Product page gallery

Product page galleries use the exact same implementation as regular galleries. Follow the same steps as the regular galleries but make sure that you click on your dedicated Product page gallery. (See image below)

Code example

<div id="cevoid-container" data-gallery="{ENTER_GALLERY_ID}" data-product="auto"></div>

This gallery will with the data-product="auto" attribute automatically only include images and videos containing the product matched against the URL.

You can also replace the "auto" value to the unique product id that you set up on your markets and feeds. This way you can specify exactly which product to show whenever you want and is great for developers who want more control.

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