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Activate conversion tracking - Shopify
Activate conversion tracking - Shopify

A guide on how to activate conversion tracking for your Cevoid UGC widgets in a Shopify store

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This article explains how to enable conversion tracking for the data you see in Analytics > Conversion value for Shopify sellers. If you don’t have a Shopify store connected to Cevoid, head over to the general conversion tracking implementation guide.

There are four steps you need to do in order to activate conversion tracking:

1. Implement script on the checkout page

  1. Navigate to Analytics

  2. Click Show analytics script

  3. Copy the script seen in the instruction box

  4. Navigate to the Shopify admin panel

  5. Click Settings

  6. Click Checkout

  7. Scroll down to Order Status Page Scripts

  8. Paste the script into to this box

  9. Click Save

Important: Make sure you wrap the script in {% if_first_time_accessed %} so that the code is only executed when the order is created. If the script is added without these tags the conversion data

2. Verify that test data is coming in

Visit the checkout page or trigger an API call to our analytics.
If you successfully send data, it will appear in this step of the conversion tracking box in the Cevoid platform.

3. Add cookie information about Cevoid tracking

Add this cookie value and description to your cookie information banner to inform users about analytics tracking. The cookie type is HTTP, and it expires in one year.

Service name: Cevoid

Company name: Cevoid AB

Cookie value: ca_session

Cookie description: Collects statistics from the visitor's interaction with Cevoid galleries on the website, such as post views, gallery views, post clicks, product clicks and statistics about order value after checkout.

Processing origin: Belgium

4. Press the purple "Enable" button

If everything is correctly set up, you are now collecting data! In case you don't see any data after a few days, please reach out to our support using the chat, and we'll gladly help you.

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