Monthly active users are defined as: unique users that load any page on which Chameleon is installed in the previous month

It is NOT the number of users that see a tour or are part of any particular tour audience. That will be a subset of your overall monthly active users. 

This is because for each time a page loads, that user's data is registered by Chameleon and a real-time assessment of whether this user should see a tour or not (based on their history and targeting etc.) is made. This has a direct impact on our cost base.  

If you want to limit how many users are included in your Chameleon plan, then you can do so by installing the Chameleon snippet to a limited base. Read about how to do that here

Unique users only

Unique users are identified by their unique ID (that you include as part of your Chameleon code snippet installation), which means that a user could visit your application from different browsers / devices / locations etc. but would only be counted once. 

Any page where Chameleon is installed

Users are counted across all pages on your domain / products where Chameleon is installed.

Previous month, not total

The time period of tracking MAUs is the previous month; this means that we don't aggregate ALL users historically, unlike some other applications, but focus on users that have the potential to benefit from Chameleon tours. 

Finding your MAUs

If you don't already know your products MAUs, you can find this from your analytics solution by looking for unique users that loaded a page in the previous month. You could also ask your developer to obtain this information from your database. 

Using Google Analytics

You can use an analytics solution, like Google Analytics, to better understand your active users. 

Here's how to do this: 

  1. Head over to your Google Analytics account

  2. Ensure you're loading the correct project (in the top left) -- use the project for the application where you'll be installing Chameleon (i.e. not for your marketing site)

  3. Within the 'Audience' section, select 'Active Users'

  4. Check the '28 Day Active Users' data-set (this will be a close approximation to your monthly active users)

Note: if you don't have a project for just your application, then an alternative way to find this information is by going to Behavior > All Pages, and then searching for the most visited page in your product, and evaluating the total unique users in the previous month. Read this StackOverflow answer for more info. 

From Chameleon

Chameleon tracks your MAU count once you have installed the Chameleon code snippet

You can then view your MAU count (remember, it's a rolling count for the number of active users in the previous 30 days) from the billing section of your dashboard here.

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