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The information listed on a charity's rating page
The information listed on a charity's rating page
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  • How can I update our contact information, mission statement, address and phone number?

    • If you are the official representative for your nonprofit, you can log into our nonprofit portal to submit changes to certain profile information. If you do not yet have a portal account, visit your charity's rating page and you will see a banner tilted 'Is This your Nonprofit?' Click on that link to begin creating a portal account.

      Having a portal account will also ensure that receive our email announcements, including notifications about data submission deadlines any upcoming methodolgoy changes.

  • Can I request to have my CEO's compensation removed from your website?

    • No. We include CEO salary solely as part of our larger effort to bring transparency to the charitable sector and to help educate donors. It is a matter of public record. While we are not out to invade people's privacy, we do believe that by posting more information rather than less, we'll help the general public better appreciate the professionalism required to effectively run a charity. Our data demonstrates that the typical CEO salary is roughly $150,000 --- a bargain when compared to executive pay in the private sector.

      In recent years, CEO compensation practices at charities have come under increased scrutiny by government regulators. By publishing salaries on our site, we enable charities to benchmark their executives' compensation against that of their peers. This then allows charities to demonstrate their compliance with government regulations in setting a reasonable level of compensation for their top executive.

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