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The charities we rate
The charities we rate
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  • How did Charity Navigator decide to rate my nonprofit?

    • Through reviewing data obtained from and shared out by the IRS we identified your charity as meeting our criteria. Any organization that is a 501 C3 nonprofit and regularly electronically files the full IRS Form 990 will most likely receive at least an Accountability & Finance beacon score. That beacon is based solely on IRS Form 990 data. To earn a rating in the other beacons, a nonprofit must provide data to us via our nonprofit portal or our data partner (Candid/Guidestar).

  • Why isn't my nonprofit rated?

    • If we do not rate your nonprofit, then it simply means that either your organization doesn't meet our criteria in terms of IRS 990 filing or your organization has not provided data to us our our data partner Candid/Guidestar.

      Charity Navigator currently evaluates over 200,000 charitable organizations, making us America's largest charity evaluator. You can get started by creating a nonprofit portal account and begin providing data to us. Please note that a nonprofit must have a score in either our Accountability & Finance beacon or Impact & Measurement beacon at minimum to receive an overall star rating.

      In the meantime, your nonprofit does have a page of basic information on our site, even if we haven't yet rated it.

  • What types of nonprofits does Charity Navigator evaluate?

    • Visit the Methodology section of our website for specific information about the charities we evaluate.

  • How can I request that Charity Navigator rate my charity?

    • Charity Navigator currently evaluates over 200k nonprofit organizations, making us America's largest charity evaluator. To earn a rating with Charity Navigator you would either have to electronically file the full IRS Form 990 and/or provide us with data via our online nonprofit portal.

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