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How nonprofits can manage their ratings
How nonprofits can manage their ratings
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  • How can I stay up to date on my rating?

    • The best way to stay abreast of changes to your rating is to create an account in the Nonprofit Portal. There you will find more details about your organization’s scoring and how you can improve your rating.

  • How can my organization receive and/or improve our rating?

    • Accountability & Finance beacon: Most of the data used for this beacon comes from the IRS Form 990. We strongly encourage you to thoroughly review your 990 before filing it with the IRS to ensure it is completely accurate. We also suggest that you electronically file the Form 990 with the IRS and on time.

    • Impact & Measurement beacon: To see if you are eligible to submit data for Impact & Results, or to submit updated data, please login to Please note that submitting data does not guarantee an improved score. To learn more about our methodology for estimating Impact and Results, see our methodology here -

    • Culture & Community beacon: Nonprofits can receive a Culture & Community score if they have completed the "How We Listen (HWL)" section and/or Equity Strategies section of their Candid profile. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to complete each:

      How We Listen: Review How We Listen survey Consult with internal team to gather survey input, if necessary Navigate to the Update Nonprofit Profile on your Candid profile page Select edit and select How We Listen Click through to complete Organizations must respond ‘yes’ to question 1 ("Does your organization collect feedback (i.e., perceptions, opinions, ideas, concerns) from the people you serve?") and have completed all questions 1-6 in HWL 1.0 or questions 1-8 in HWL 2.0.

      Equity Strategies Checklist:
      Review Equity Strategy Checklist Consult with internal team to gather survey input, if necessary Navigate to the Demographics Section of your Candid Profile Click through to complete * At this time to be rated for the DEI assessment, organizations must have at least 3 practices present.

    • Leadership & Adaptability beacon: Nonprofit organizations can submit their responses for this rating directly to Charity Navigator through the nonprofit portal.

      Charity Navigator measures an organization’s strategy, leadership, and adaptability metrics. Nonprofits that complete the entire questionnaire on the Charity Navigator Nonprofit Portal are scored on a scale of 0-100 based on their responses. At this time, we do not evaluate the quality of responses or the grammar of their responses.

  • Can my organization have an official representative to mange our page?

    • Through our nonprofit portal each charity’s official representative is able to suggest edits to the basic information, such as address and mission, shown on their rating page on our site.

      If you are not yet an official representative, log into the site and visit your charity's rating page. There you will see a banner tilted 'Is This your Nonprofit?' Click on that link to create an account.

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