Want advice on how to introduce your team to Perks?

We'll be launching on the Thursday 15th November. Here's some info you can send to people at your company before that date:


On Thursday 15th November, CharlieHR will be releasing their new Perks feature. 

They've partnered up with NextJump to offer their customers Perks as part of their current subscription to CharlieHR. The launch is in time for Black Friday and apparently there will be some great offerings on the platform - so look out for those!

What is Perks?

With Perks you'll:

🎁Get exclusive discounts and rewards at over 30,000 brands

💰Earn “WOWPoints” as you shop - then spend them like cash or cash them out. They're similar to nectar points but better!

🎬Enjoy up to 55% off cinema tickets 

🛒Save on supermarket and high street shopping, worldwide travel, and event tickets 

🤩Get personalised suggestions, tailored to you

👥Share deals and discounts with up to 10 of your friends and family


To get your Perks:

Once you get the email that Charlie have launched it, activate your Perks account. You can either do this by:

1. Logging into CharlieHR, click on Perks and follow the “Go to perks” button. Then simply register your account. 


2. Click a button in an email prompting you to activate your Perks account. Once your account is registered, you’ll have access to Perks.

You can expect to get some education emails on how the Perks platform work. You’ll also get occasional emails about deals that have been tailored for you – though be sure to visit your Perks account regularly for the latest offers. You can of course update your email preferences within your Perks account.

If you have questions about Perks rather than the rest of CharlieHR, it's best to get in touch with the dedicated Perks at Work help team: https://www.perksatwork.com/help/contact

We hope you enjoy using the platform and start racking up WOWpoints.


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