You can run a performance management process on Charlie using the Reviews feature.

Our Reviews feature is perfect for companies that:

✅Run a simple review process or want to start running performance reviews.
✅Want text formatted answers.
✅Make and store notes from review conversations.

If your companies has a more sophisticated process, our Reviews feature may not be for you.

 This includes needing:
❌Anonymous 360 feedback.
❌Numeric/ scale answers and complex reporting.
❌To upload documents or record things in tables.

Here’s a rundown of how it works: 

Review Types 

Review types are like rules for feedback conversations. When you create a one, you set:

  • The conversation name
  • When it will happen 
  • How often it will happen
  • Who it’s for 
  • Who they’ll have the conversation with 
  • What to prepare for it 

By setting these guidelines, you’ll create a process that runs itself. 

Company Leaders and Administrators can create review types on Charlie. Click here, to find out more about creating a review type 

Review forms

Review form are where you document the preparation, meeting notes and outcomes of a review.

Review forms are created for individuals 30 days before a review is set to start.

Review forms can contain:

  • Instructions for the how to run the review
  • Questions for the reviewee to answer
  • Questions for the reviewers to answer
  • A summary section to document what happened in the review meeting and any decisions made about the future.

If you want to change future review forms in bulk, you can edit the review type. If reviews have already been created, you can edit individual review forms one by one.

Reviewees and Reviewers

A reviewee is a team member a review is for. Their reviews are also stored on the reviews tab of their profile.

A reviewer is a person who will be running someone's review. This is likely to be their manager but you can set more than one reviewer at a time.

Notifications and reminders

We remind your team up to a month before a review period is due to begin.

Every Monday, reviewers are reminded of reviews they have coming up in the next month, 2 weeks and coming week.

Team members are reminded of their upcoming reviews a month, a week and the day before they're set to start.

When reviews are overdue both reviewers and reviewees will be sent emails to complete them.

Completing a review

Marking a review as complete indicates that a review has been finalised. The meeting has happened, goals and targets have been set and everyone is clear about what is happening going forward.

Once a review has been marked as complete, all participants of that reviews will be sent an email and are invited to view the completed review form, with the finalised summary section.

Once a review is marked as complete, the review form can no longer be edited. 

If a review form needs to be edited after the review's been been marked as complete, only a Company leader can mark it as incomplete and make it editable once again.

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