Why probation reviews are important

You give people a probation period to make sure they’re right for their role and the company -  so make sure you make the most of this. By setting up formal checkpoints in their probation period, both you and the new starter can rest assured that everyone will know what is to be expected of them. 

When to run it 

For a 3 month probation period you should be having informal check-ins every week. However more formal and documented discussions should happen:

1 month after they’ve started 

2 months after they’ve started

A week before they hit their 3rd month (the end of their probation)


This is a review is to go over your probation period here at Company. We'll go over how you are getting on in your role so far, what’s going well and what’s not. Then we’ll talk you through the things we can do to help you.

For this review:

Your manager will send you a calendar invite for the meeting. 

Before the meeting fill out your answers to your questions below.

Then during the meeting discuss the preparation notes and anything else that comes up

Prepare an action plan for of your next steps 

Your manager will write this action plan and anything else that came up, store them in the Summary notes section and then mark the review as complete.

Suggested questions for reviewees 

  • What has been your biggest achievement these past three months since starting at the company?
  • What area of work have you grown the most in?
  • How would you like to advance yourself within your current role?
  • Have you any doubts or worries about your job role so far?
  • What goals would you like to set yourself in the coming months?
  • Have you received any feedback from across the company so far?
  • Have we provided you with enough resources to do your job to the best of your ability?

Suggested questions for reviewers

  • What can I do differently to help X grow further within the business?
  • Where has X improved the most within this role?
  • What has X done to make an impact - culturally and within the job role?
  • Give examples of when X has adapted well into a situation?

How to set this up in Charlie

You can find a step by step guide here. 

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