Why are informal reviews important? 

Informal reviews are a great way to set out employees goals and expectations, and allow them to get to know you. They should be treated more as a one to one check up or chat rather than a formal review. 

When to run them? 

Informal reviews take many different forms. You can choose to action these however regularly you like - daily, weekly or monthly. 


This is a review to check up on how you are doing. It can focus on anything: what you are enjoying, what you are finding difficult, cultural fit, career advancement, anything that matters to you! Then we’ll talk through what we can do to help. 

For this review:

Your manager will send you a calendar invite for the meeting. 

Before the meeting fill out your answers to your questions below.

Then during the meeting discuss the preparation notes and anything else that comes up

Prepare an action plan for of your next steps 

Your manager will write this action plan and anything else that came up, store them in the Summary notes section and then mark the review as complete.

Suggested reviewee questions:

  • What would you like the focus of this meeting to be?
  • Is there anything that has particularly challenged you since our last catch up? 
  • What goals would you like to set yourself? We’ll catch up on these at the next meeting.

Suggested reviewer questions:

  • Suggest one thing that will make these meetings more effective?
  • What can I do to help you achieve your goals?

How to set this up in Charlie

You can find a step by step guide here. 

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