Below is a draft email which you could send out to your team to announce that you are now using Charlie Reviews:

Hi Team,

We’re super excited to announce that we will be using Charlie for our reviews! 

Throughout the year we believe it’s important to take a step back to reflect on ourselves so that we can learn how we can each improve. These reviews will be an opportunity to recognise achievements, identify opportunities for growth and ensure there’s a clear plan of how you can achieve your goals.

So, how is this going to be done in Charlie?

All reviews will have three parts:

  1. Complete your review prep questions

  2. Share your answers

  3. Discuss the feedback in a review meeting

When we schedule the review, you will each receive an email with a link to your preparation questions. Our expectation is that the answers will be shared with each other before the meeting so that everyone has time to digest this feedback and build on it within the review meeting. 

A few things to note:

This review is an opportunity to grow and support growth, but only if we are all prepared to be honest. Don’t shy away from giving honest feedback. The purpose of these is to become the best we can be – and watering down feedback won’t help us get there!

If you have any questions about Charlie Reviews please let me know, or you can contact the CharlieHR team.


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