The best way to find out if Charlie Reviews works for your business is to test it out. You can test out Reviews quickly - and without spamming your colleagues - by following these four instructions.

While creating a new review cycle:

  1. Use an existing template

  2. Select one colleague as a reviewee (or you can set it to be yourself)

  3. Set yourself as the reviewer

  4. Set the start date to today

That's it - taking those actions will walk you through how you would set up a review cycle.

How does Charlie help you keep on top of the progress your team is making?

Once you’ve scheduled the review you will be taken to the review cycle page. From here you are able to manage the review cycle and at a glance see the progress that is being made by review participants.

Note: Find out the differences between what admins and non-admins see on the review cycle page here

What will your team see?

Click through on ‘Go to review’ to get to the review page that review participants will use to answer the questions that you set in the review template.

Note: If you set yourself as the reviewer and reviewee on this page you will be able to see prompts for both reviewees and reviewers. At the top of the page is a reminder only visible to reviewers to schedule the review meeting and at the bottom of the page is a prompt only visible to reviewees to remind their reviewer to set the meeting.

Want to explore more of Reviews?

To get a fuller sense of how Reviews could work for you and your business it’s worth clicking around, why not try out the below activities to better understand how it works.

  1. Make changes to the cycle through clicking on cycle actions on the review cycle page

  2. Navigate to reviews from the launch email that was sent to you

  3. Submit an answer and navigate back to the review cycle page to see how the summary statistics work

  4. Create a template and use it in a test review cycle

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