In CharlieHR, holiday approval works by creating teams and then assigning Team Leads to those teams. 

That means those Team Leads will be notified by email whenever someone in their team books holiday, and they can then make a decision.

Note: Admins and Super Admins will still be able to approve any holiday, they just won't be notified by email when it's booked.

How to create Teams and assign Team Leads:

  1. Go to 'Manage' using the navigation on the left.
  2. Select 'Teams' and 'Create a new team'
  3. Drag and drop Team Members into the team.
  4. Decide who should be the Team Lead, go onto their profile, and select 'Settings'
  5. In 'Permissions' you can select 'Team Lead'

And that's it - they'll be notified when anyone in the team books holiday. 

Of course, you can create custom approvers if needed, by following the instructions in this article.

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