Voiding a check means canceling it. Typically, the design is similar to the standard document, but the voided one has the word “Void” written across the front side of the check.

The check is still official, but it cannot be used to pay for anything or withdraw money from your bank account. Usually, voided checks help provide your bank information, including the routing number to your financial institution and your account number.

3 Steps to Generate a Voided Check

With CHECKPRINT, you can create your voided checks in seconds. Follow these 3 steps and get the documents you need online. Then, save, print, or send them by email in several clicks.

  1. Create an Account

First, you need to register with CHECKPRINT. You can do it by clicking the “Free sign up” button on the main page in the upper right corner. You can also create an account by pressing the “Sign Up For Free” button below the “Best check printing software” block.

Fill out the signup form and follow the instructions to finalize the process.

  1. Enter Your Bank Details

Log in and set up a bank account by clicking the “Add Bank Account +” on the Dashboard page.

Fill out the fields. Pay attention that those fields marked with a red asterisk are mandatory; others are optional.

  1. Start Generating Your Voided Check

Once you’ve registered and set up your bank account, you can start the check generating process. Choose the “Standard or Voided” check form on the Dashboard page and press the “Start +” button.

Fill out the form, including check date and number, payee information, and amount. You can also add a memo to describe the payment details. In case of generating a voided check, you can write its purpose.

Make sure that the mandatory fields are filled out, and don’t forget to mark the “Void” checkbox. Then press the “Confirm” button.

Congratulations, you’ve generated your first voided check with CHECKPOINT! It has a special void watermark and doesn’t contain the MICR line on the preview.

Final Step: Get a Ready-to-Use Voided Check

To get your completed voided check, you need to choose one of the two proposed options. You can:

  • Buy credits to pay per a particular number of standard checks and an unlimited number of voided ones you create;

  • Buy a monthly/yearly subscription, which offers limitless standard and voided check generation and other benefits, including an opportunity to create more than one bank account.

Once you choose the most suitable option for you, you can regenerate your voided check preview and use it.

Life is full of challenges. So why make it more complicated with unnecessary paperwork? Save time for important things by preparing your checks online. Make your life easier with CHECKPRINT!

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