ChirpyHire lets you quickly gather a list of qualified candidates, which is great. But now you need to let them know and remind them (so they show up on time)

Let's setup an appointment reminder. 

Step 1

On the candidate page you'll see on the far right there is the option to Add Reminder under the candidates name & phone number. Click 'Add Reminder'

Step 2

Set the appointment time and add the details to the reminder.

Select the date of the appointment, then set the time. You can add some details like the address where the appointment is, any items they must bring etc. 

Hit Save (or cancel if you don't want to set the reminder) and thats it! If you try to set a reminder for an appointment later today it wont work because its too close in time. For that case one option is to just manually message them the reminder since the appointment is so soon. 

How many reminders are sent?

A message is sent when you set the appointment through 'Add Reminder', then a message is sent the day before the appointment and then a final message 1 hour before the appointment. If you cancel the reminder it will also notify the candidate that the appointment was canceled. The time zone you have set is the same time zone used for the reminders. You can change this under Settings > App Settings > General Settings

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