To create your tee times:

  1. Click on Tee Times & Pricing.

  2. Click on Create Tee Times. 

  3. Choose from Standard times, Shotgun, Crossover, or Custom*

  4. Choose the time period that you would like the tee times created.
           Only this day: will create it only on the day you have selected in the date window.
           Daily: Create the tee times for the length of the date range you have selected
           Weekly: Create tee times based on which days of the week you want this setup to apply to, including the end date of this interval.

*Custom Times refer to a dynamic Interval of tee times. For example, if you currently have an alternating 8 and 7 minute interval, use the copy the hours in the following documents or enter them manually with how you would like them to appear.

For tee times with intervals of 7-8 minutes

For tee times with intervals of 8-9 minutes

When you are filling in the time range, fill it out based off your first available tee time and your last. Please note, this section uses military time/24 hour clock.

(Example: 13:07. 13:15, 13:22, 13:30, 13:37, 13:45)

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