To view your account click the profile "icon/picture" or att the arrow next to your name at the top right.

In "My account" you are able to;

  • Set your personal settings/User information

Go to "My Account" and the tab "General" and add update your;
- Your personal data

- Social links

- Language settings for menu and functions in Cinode

- Set up API accounts for integrations

  • Calendar sync your account - Sync your e-mail calendar if you are using the Cinode Calendar Sync

  • Update notifications

  • Upload your profile image

Watch the video for profile image upload:

If you set up your profile image for the first time, you first need to upload the image and then also choose Change primary image. If the image is not square-shaped, you need to crop it.

To set your profile image follow the steps;

1. Click the profile icon or the arrow next to your name at the top right to come to "My account"

2. Click the tab "Images"

3. Click the plus button to start uploading an image (If you already have uploaded your image, go to step 5)

4. Click in the middle to upload your image


1. Crop the photo

2 Click "Crop"

3. Check the box "Use as the primary"

4. Click "Save"

The image must be at least 100*100 and max file size of 5 MB pixels and for the best result between 200*200 pixels - 600*600 pixels.

7. To choose another photo as your primary,

1. Go back to My account and the tab "Images"

2. Click on the three dots next to the photo you want to select

3. Click "Use as primary"

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