CIRCA5000 referral scheme: Terms & conditions [from 31st May 2022]
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Referral bonus payments terms and conditions:

  • The amount of CIRCA5000 referral credit given may change during promotional periods.

  • Only new CIRCA5000 users can be referred to CIRCA5000. You cannot refer someone who has already been a user of CIRCA5000 or a previous user of tickr (our company name before CIRCA5000).

  • If your friend doesn't register their email address on your referral link before they sign-up, then unfortunately we can't honour the referral.

  • Your referral credit is eligible to be invested upon your referred friend depositing at least £50 into their CIRCA5000 account. This amount may change during promotional periods. We will endeavour to invest your referral reward on the nearest Friday around midday (we reserve the right for this to change due to public holidays, staff absences or other factors).

  • Any referral credit added to your account before 31st May 2022 will not be invested. Referral credit added before 31st May 2022 date is available to withdraw after 90 days of being added to your account (this does not apply to Personal Pension accounts) and will be the last money to be withdrawn from your account. Alternatively, if you wish to invest your credit after 90 days please contact our Customer Support team by email to, or using your in-app chat with your request.

  • If you have no invested balance in your account and you refer someone, your referral credit will not be applied to neither yours nor your friend’s account.

  • If you request to withdraw 100% of the funds in your account within 7 days of referring someone, your referral credit will not be applied to your account.

  • CIRCA5000 credit is capped to 5 successful referrals per calendar month.

  • Any successful referrals will automatically be applied to the first account you opened with CIRCA5000.

  • If you have an ISA with CIRCA5000, you accept that by participating in our referral scheme, invested referrals will contribute towards your annual ISA allowance. If your ISA allowance is filled for the current tax year, CIRCA5000 will open a GIA on your behalf and credit the referral to your newly opened GIA.

  • Referral credits will not be paid into a Junior ISA account.

  • CIRCA5000 reserves the right to alter, amend or withdraw these terms without prior notice.

  • CIRCA5000 may exclude from participation anyone who we believe, at our sole discretion, to be taking unfair advantage of the referral scheme.

Referral bonus payments into Personal Pensions:

  • By participating in the referral scheme where your scheme is linked to your Personal Pension, you are asking us to make referral payments into your Pension. Pensions legislation means that these referral payments will count as pension contributions as if they had been made personally by you.

  • These ‘referral contributions’ will be treated as net contributions which means that they will be boosted by basic rate income tax relief which will be collected from HMRC and added to your Personal Pension. If you pay income tax at a rate higher than the basic rate then you may be eligible to apply directly to HMRC for additional tax relief.

  • You must not participate in this referral scheme if the total personal contributions (including these ‘referral contributions’ and basic rate tax relief) made during a tax year to all pension schemes you have, will exceed your tax relievable contribution limit, which is the greater of £3,600 and 100% of your earnings. Also you must not participate in this referral scheme beyond the age of 75.

  • You will be subject to a personal tax charge on any contributions (including these referral ‘contributions’ and basic rate tax relief) which exceed the Annual Allowance, or if applicable, the Tapered Annual Allowance or Money Purchase Annual Allowance.

  • You must be satisfied that having ‘referral contributions’ paid into your Personal Pension will not adversely affect any Lifetime Allowance Protection. If you have or need to rely on Lifetime Allowance Protection please do not participate in this referral scheme and seek regulated and qualified advice before doing so.

  • Your ‘referral contributions’ will form part of your Personal Pension fund and therefore will be subject to the Terms and Conditions of the CIRCA5000 Personal Pension. For example, pension benefits cannot be taken until you have reached minimum pension age, currently age 55 rising to 57 from April 2028. Please refer to the CIRCA5000 Personal Pension Terms and Conditions and the Key Features Document for further details and information.

  • By participating in the referral scheme you will be deemed to have read and accepted all of the above personal pension points.

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