So, you're in the circus now and you're probably a little bit lost. It happens to all of us, it's a big top after all. Don't worry we're here to help you find your way around everything.

circus offers is just like any other circus out there. It has three main sections

  1. outside
  2. arena
  3. backstage


Once you've decided to join the circus, the backstage will be the place you'll spend most of the time. Navigation here is easy once you understand the general structure and the benefits that come with it.

This is the basic layout of our circus. Regardless of whether you are in the arena or in the backstage, the basic elements work the same.


From within the backstage you can switch from workng on the company area to working on the division area.

What's the difference?

  1. company - the place where you create and edit marketing channels, products, memberships, payments, add team members and change company settings. 

(access your own company tabs here:  marketing channels, products, memberships, payments, team and settings)

    2. divisions - These are branches of a company that can share marketing                     channels, products, memberships, team members and payments. (You can                 only add those after you have created them in the company)

(access your own division tabs here: marketing channels, products, memberships, team and payments)

How do I navigate from one section to the other?

You need to click on the area where either your company name or your division name is shown. A dropdown menu will unfold and you'll be able to navigate wherever you want from there.


The tabs are different, depending on where you find yourself 

  1. company tabs: marketing channels, products, memberships, payments, team and settings.

    2. division tabs: campaign, offers, marketing channels, products, stores, memberships, payments, team and settings.


Menus vary depending on which tab you've selected. Basically they display different categories for which there are lists of items that you can select. 


Items are things you want to work on. They could be marketing channels, products, stores, offers, campaigns, and many others.

working station

As soon as you select an item, a default working station is opened for you to start tinkering around.


Almost every item has more than just one working station and the sub-menu on top helps navigate between them.


Inside the working stations there are boxes that contain information. 

Note to EXPERT: When you create your own accesses, the permissions are not specifically designed for every single variable; instead of that, the permissions apply to entire boxes.

Those are the basics of navigating within the backstage. If you have any questions, you can always talk to us via chat.

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