Congratulations on your first company! We are glad you join the circus and we are happy that you are interested in making your customers happier with a super awesome coupon experience.

Let's talk a little bit about your company and about why every company in circus offers has to have divisions.

We designed circus offers in a way that would allow for both small and big companies to get as much insights from their coupons as possible. 

So, even though your company might not have any branches, at circus offers we assign one to each company just in case your business grows even more.

That being said; let's create your first division!

basic needs (1)

1. you need to have created a company already.

create your first company

Create your first division
(it's a little different if it isn't your first division)

Due to the fact that most small businesses will most likely only have one division, we have made it so, that the first division gets the same name and logo of the company.

  1. select the company section by clicking on your company logo (it's located right next to your profile photo)
  2. If this is your first division you will land directly on the new sub-menu within the division menu in the setting tab. 

    3. You will notice the following things:

  • Your division logo was automatically filled with the company logo
  • Your division name was automatically filled with the company name
  • The description of your division was automatically filled with your country

Now what?

  • Click on the checkbox to create your first division!

You'll notice that within your company area more tabs will appear that will allow you to create marketing channels for the distribution of offers, products for your offers and much more.

Remember! You can always change area from company to division and vice versa from within this dropdown

Important tip: Everytime you create something new within the campaign you will be asked if you'd like to add it to all divisions. 

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