If you had an account at Mathalicious, your information has been seamlessly imported to Citizen Math. For the most part, your current subscription will continue to work just like it did over at Mathalicious, and you can log in with your Mathalicious username and password.

We'll talk through each type of license below:

Individual Users with One Year License

If you had a one year license over at Mathalicious, then you're on a Legacy One Year Plan here at Citizen Math. Same lessons, same expiration date. All of our new Citizen Math plans automatically renew, so when your current license expires, you'll be prompted to sign up for one of these renewing subscriptions. Because all of our subscriptions on Mathalicious did not renew, your subscription is currently marked for cancelation until/unless you pick a new plan, so that you will NOT be automatically billed. However, you can elect to "uncancel" your plan if you'd like to keep the Legacy Plan with access to Legacy Mathalicious lessons until they retire (June 2022).

Individual Users with Grandfathered Monthly Stripe Subscriptions

If you had a monthly subscription over at Mathalicious, then you're on a Legacy Plan here at Citizen Math. Same lessons, same price. When you change to a new plan you will no longer have access to the old Mathalicious lessons.

Individuals with Grandfathered Monthly Subscriptions via Paypal Only
Please send an email to update your account to Stripe. Paypal is not serviced on Citizen Math, so you need to contact us to change or cancel your account. And when you make the switch, we'll send you something special to make it worth your while.

Group Accounts
Group Members
If you had a group account on Mathalicious, you'll have access to all the same lessons on Citizen Math.

Pending Invitations
If some group members hadn't accepted their invitations, you should resend those invitations from the Citizen Math website. A user who accepts an invitation on one website will not be created on the other website; we encourage new users to come directly to Citizen Math since Mathalicious will be retiring in June.

Free Trial Users from Mathalicious
Your trial account was not transferred to Citizen Math. There is no 30 day trial period on Citizen Math. Instead, we offer a freemium subscription with 1 free lesson per course. Your Mathalicious trial will still be active until the expected expiration date on the Mathalicious website. Citizen Math offers lower priced subscriptions with more focused collections of content, but if you'd like access to the entire library, we will honor the price you were trialing under. Just email us.

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