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Last Modified March 31, 2021

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Last Modified March 31, 2021

Mathalicious LLC dba Citizen Math (The Company) owns Citizen Math (The Website) and is committed to respecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy identifies what information is collected about you when you use The Website and how we use it.

Personal Data Overview

Below is an overview of the type of personal data Citizen Math commonly collects, and how we use that personal data. Note, the target user of Citizen Math is adult teachers. The column on the left details in brackets which CCPA (defined below) category of personal information is applicable for the entry on that row. We will not sell or distribute your personal information.

Engagement with Citizen Math

What Data Is Collected and How

How Does Citizen Math Use the Data; How Is It Connected to Third Party Apps

Site Visit

[Internet activity]

Cookies are used to collect the visitor's IP address and non-confidential information (i.e. device type, operating system, browser selection, referring website, site navigation)

If the visitor is logged in as a user then this information can be related to their account information.

This data is not stored on Citizen Math.

This information is shared with:

  • Google analytics


  • honeybadger

This information is used to:

  • Optimize the visitor's experience based on device and browser

  • Troubleshoot customer support issues

Citizen Math Account Creation


Users provide name, last name, and email address in order to create an account.

This information is shared with:


  • honeybager

  • Stripe

  • Sendgrid

  • Mighty Network

This information is used:

  • for the purpose of account creation

  • to allow users to later create a subscription

  • To allow access to the community forum

Citizen Math Profile Completion

[professional or employment-related information]

Users may elect to provide the name of their school, school district, zip code, job title (ie. teacher), and course they teach.

This information is shared with:


  • honeybadger

This information is used:

  • to provide targeted recommendations for lessons and to notify users of relevant experiences based on location and position

Subscribing to a Plan

​Shared with Third Party App Stripe but not with Citizen Math: [information protected against security breaches]

Complete credit card information is not collected or stored by Citizen Math; instead it is securely processed and stored by Stripe. When the user enters credit card information that is sent directly to Stripe and never stored, not even temporarily, on Citizen Math servers.
Citizen Math does store the last four digits of a credit card used in transactions.

Stripe stores credit card data in order to bill for recurring subscriptions and to allow users to easily update plans.
The Citizen Math website displays the last four digits of card information on the user's account page to let them know what card will be charged.

Legacy Mathalicious users may have financial data stored on Paypal if they created those accounts on

No Student Data Collected, No Student Users

Students should not have accounts or profiles on Citizen Math. No student information of any kind is ever collected or requested.

Data Requests

To request a summary of the information collected about you, or to request that data be deleted or changed, please email

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