We know some folks were in the midst of a trial on Mathalicious and might have been interested in a specific lesson or two that isn't part of the Citizen Math collection. Some of you have asked: Is there anyway I can still get access to the old Mathalicious lessons?

We're glad you're still here! We also feel your pain -- we loved the lessons, too. We think the Citizen Math collection represents our very best material and so we'd first be more than happy to offer a suggestion for a lesson that uses the same core mathematics from the Citizen Math collection.

But if your heart is set on something from the old collection, we want to give you a chance to teach the lessons that brought you here in the first place, so we're allowing you to still purchase a license that will let you view the old Mathalicious lessons through the Citizen Math site until their eventual retirement. In the meantime, we hope you'll find some gems among the Citizen Math collection so that you'll be ready to transition when those old lessons come down.

How to Request Legacy Access

1) Be sure you're clear about when and why the old Mathalicious lessons are permanently retiring by reading this article.

2) Sign up for the All Grades Full Pack ($320/year or $32/month for individuals) on Citizen Math by June 1, 2022

3) Email holler@citizenmath.com to request access to the legacy lessons. Please allow 1-3 days for subscription updates.

Group Subscription Recommendation

More isn't always better. Unless you have a very specific lesson you're after from the old collection we'd suggest new group subscribers not include the old Mathalicious lessons. Your teachers will have plenty of great lessons to teach in the Citizen Math collection, and these are the lessons you'll want them to lean on year after year.

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