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There is no registration or account creation fee – you pay for the time of using the vehicle and kilometres; there is also a Trip start fee applicable for each of your trips. Detailed information on prices is available on the “Pricing” page, and additional fees and penalties are set out below in this Pricelist.

We strongly urge you to use CityBee cars responsibly and leave them in good order. However, additional fees may apply if you fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the agreement or use of the services.

Prices are available on the webpages:

The Terms discuss fines and conditions, principles and procedure of imposing them, whereas specific types of fines and their specific amounts are indicated in the Pricelist, which can be periodically updated. In any case, the User must get familiar with the Pricelist in the App, applicable to each reservation and currently valid before they confirm each reservation.

According to legal acts, when driving freight vehicles on motor highways A1–A18, the driver must pay a user's toll or have a document confirming payment of the toll: a vignette in paper or electronic form. More information can be found at: https://www.keliumokestis.lt/ .

Minimum trip price is the minimum amount payable for the services, which is deducted from the Payment account after unlocking the car or extending the reservation (if the minimum amount is exceeded, the remaining amount due is debited no later than at the end of the trip, and if the minimum amount is not reached – the difference is not returned). The minimum trip price (it’s size) for each car is indicated in the App.

Additional fees

  • Trip start fee – additionally applicable to all "pay as you go" trips (not applicable to travel packages). Fee amount for each car is indicated in the App.

  • Fee for leaving the vehicle in another state (in a zone permitted by CityBee) – EUR 79

  • Parking Zone fee – a fee the amount of which is provided for on the App is charged for returning or collecting the Vehicle from the Parking Zone territories marked and shown on the App.

  • Administrative fee in case of a violation of the Road Traffic Regulations and related events – EUR 10

In cases provided for in the Terms you will also have to cover costs incurred by us in connection with damage caused by you or administration of your debt.

Fines and damages

If you or other persons, for whom you make it possible to use our vehicles, do not follow the Terms, the following fines may be imposed on you, which are deemed our liquidated damages:

  • for allowing other persons to use the Account and (or) to drive, control or otherwise use the vehicle – EUR 700

  • for leaving a vehicle (i.e., ending the trip) in Lithuania not in CityBee zones marked in the App – EUR 300

  • for loss of the vehicle starting keys – EUR 120

  • for damage to a tyre beyond repairs – EUR 120

  • for smoking inside the vehicle – EUR 70

  • for fuel misappropriation or misuse of the fuel card – EUR 500 (in case of fuel misappropriation you will pay a fine, plus will compensate for the value of the misappropriated fuel)

  • for dangerous, reckless or careless driving – EUR 500

  • for driving under the influence of alcohol (above 0.00 per mille), narcotic substances and other substances affecting mental state (or when you consumed alcohol or used other intoxicating substances after the traffic accident before its circumstances were established, or avoided undergoing a blood alcohol or intoxication test (blood alcohol content or intoxication is understood as defined in legal acts). You must pay us the fine of the indicated amount for driving under the influence of alcohol (above 0.00 per mille), narcotic substances and other substances affecting mental state also in those cases when you transferred the Vehicle or otherwise made it possible for another person to drive it when he was under the influence of alcohol (above 0.00 per mille), narcotic substances and other substances affecting mental state, or when such a person avoided undergoing a blood alcohol or intoxication test – EUR 2000

  • for leaving a vehicle (i.e., ending the trip) in such a condition where it cannot be used for further trips (e.g., the vehicle is left in a private lot or a paid parking lot, from which it is not possible to leave without paying for parking.) – EUR 70

  • for leaving the vehicle (i.e., ending the trip) without leaving the key in the vehicle, if within 2 hours from informing you about the collection of the key, the key is not returned – 70 EUR

  • for leaving the vehicle in a prohibited place (the fine is applied when the vehicle is left in a prohibited place under the Road Traffic Rules, and it is forcibly towed to the car storage lot) – EUR 200

In case of filling the vehicle tank with a wrong fuel, for soiling of the vehicle, which requires additionally cleaning (including dry cleaning), you will have to compensate us for the loss suffered by us for this reason up to EUR 600. See the Terms.

In case the vehicle is damaged in a traffic accident through your fault, you will compensate us for the damages suffered due to the traffic accident, except for the cases specified in the Pricelist and the Terms, up to EUR 600, in the case a reduced financial responsibility was purchase in the Mobile App – an amount not exceeding EUR 200. See the Terms.

However, if the vehicle is damaged during a traffic accident caused by you (or another person for whom you made it possible to use our vehicle) in a non-sober state, participating in sports competitions, or otherwise violating the Terms, you will have to compensate us for damages in full. See the Terms.

About other cases of damages, see the Terms.

Debiting of fines and additional fees

We can automatically debit the amount of the fine and/or additional fees indicated in the Pricelist to the payment account linked to your account. They money will be debited to the payment account immediately after a breach is identified, recorded and you are notified about that (via the App or otherwise).

All the above-indicated fee amounts are net of the VAT, which will be added in the cases and under procedure laid down by applicable legal acts.

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