1. Install the Claap Chrome extension

  2. Pin the extension in the Chrome bar

  3. Grant access to your microphone and webcam

Install the Claap Chrome extension

You can download the Claap Chrome extension on the Chrome Web Store.

If you haven’t installed the Clapp Chrome extension during the registration process, you can do it anytime from the lateral bar.

When in the Chrome Web Store, click on the Add button, then Agree with the Chrome permissions.

Pin the extension in your Chrome bar

Now that the Claap extension has been successfully installed, pin it to your Chrome bar for easy access with the following steps:

  1. Click on the puzzle piece 🧩 on the right-hand-side of the search bar

  2. Look for Claap in the list

  3. Click on the pin symbol 📌 to pin Claap

Grant access to your microphone and webcam

When you click on the Claap extension for the first time, Chrome requests access to your webcam and microphone. Click on Allow permission to enable video and audio in your recordings.

You can still record a claap without granting permissions, and accept permissions later. Read Grant extension permissions.

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