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How to import your Zoom videos
How to import your Zoom videos

Let your team catch-up on meetings and collaborate async on Claap

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This integration allows you to import your Zoom cloud recordings into Claap and automatically share meeting recordings with your teammates. This way, those that couldn't attend can easily access it and collaborate async, creating a knowledge base for feedback and decisions.

Our Zoom integration is available with the Pro Plan.

Key Benefits

Import your Zoom meetings into Claap to bring all your videos – from meetings and screen recording – under the same workspace. Claap transcribes the call, automatically generates meeting notes and give you access to key insights.

With our Zoom integration you can:

  • Transcribe from Zoom with AI-generated notes & highlights. Import your Zoom cloud recordings into Claap. We’ll transcribe it in minutes and automatically generate a summary of your meeting.

  • Collaborate with your teammates & coach. Let your teammates or coach catch up on key moments and add their feedback through video annotations, threads and video replies.

  • Search within your recordings. Access all your recordings in one central Video HQ. Easily search through your recordings. Organize your content in teams and topics. Connect it to your favorite apps.

Favorite use cases from the community include: company all-hands, user interviews, customer calls, and training sessions.

Zoom Cloud Recording is only available for anyone with a paid Zoom license.

How it works

Manual Import

With our Zoom integration you can easily import the meetings previously recorded and stored in your Zoom Could Recordings Account. Once you authenticate for the first time, you will see the list of your latest Zoom Cloud Recordings and will be able to choose the one to import.

To import your meeting recordings from Zoom for the first time, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Claap account

  2. Click on New claapUpload video

  3. Click where it says Zoom

  4. In the new pop-up screen, enter your Zoom login credentials and click on Allow to give Claap permission to access your recordings

  5. On the confirmation screen, click on View recordings

  6. Go back to your Claap workspace where you will see all your Zoom recordings

  7. Here you can scroll the page or type in the search bar to find the video you're looking for.

Once this first connection to your Zoom account is done, you won't need to authorize access again. Simply click in New claapUpload videoZoom → and search for the video you need, as exemplified in the video below.

Important notes:

  • When connecting to Zoom to manually import your videos, we will display the last 300 recordings within the last 30 days.

  • Authentication is at the user level, not workspace level. This means you are the only one that can access your Zoom account to import videos. Your teammates won't be able to access your Zoom account.

  • When selecting the video to import, we start the importing process on our side and send you a notification when the video is ready.

Automatic Import

  1. Login to your Claap account

  2. Click on the Workspace Logo and then on Apps & Integrations

  3. Click on the Zoom Integration

  4. In the new pop-up screen, click on Connect next to Connect Claap with Zoom option

    1. If you don't have the Power Recorder Add-on enabled yet, you'll see Upgrade option instead

  5. Enter your Zoom account credentials in the new pop-up screen

  6. Click on Activate next to Activate Auto Recording in the cloud in Zoom (Optional)

  7. In the new Preferences menu, enable Automatically import my meetings

  8. From this point, any meeting you record in Zoom Cloud will be automatically imported to Claap

  9. You can also automatically share your imported Zoom meetings in a Claap topic. To do so, select the topic under Auto share imported meetings in Preferences.

Where can I find my Zoom recordings?

You can find your recorded Zoom meetings in My Library section, under My Zoom meetings tab:


  • Only automatically imported recordings will show up here. Manually imported meetings will show in the topic you imported them to (or in My claaps section if you didn't select a topic)

  • Instant Zoom meetings won’t show up in the automatic recording, nor in the Zoom meeting tab.

  • For the scheduled meetings, we show them in the Zoom tab, but at the end of the list.

How to disconnect your Zoom account

If you wish to disconnect your Zoom account from Claap:

  1. Click on the Workspace Logo and then on Apps & Integrations

  2. Click on the Zoom Integration

  3. In the new pop-up screen, click on Disconnect next to Connected with Zoom.

Please note any recording already imported will remain as claap videos in your workspace. However, once you disconnect your Zoom account you will no longer be able to see your cloud recordings nor then be able to import new ones. If you wish to reconnect your Zoom account, simply follow the steps listed here.

Errors & Troubleshooting

Having trouble with Claap's integration with Zoom? Don't worry! Here's a simple step-by-step guide to solve the most common issues.

1. You are on a Zoom's Basic Plan

Issue: Zoom Cloud Recording — necessary to import your Zoom videos to Claap — is only available for anyone with a paid Zoom license.

Solution: Upgrading your Zoom account will solve this issue.

2. Cloud recording activation error

Issue: You've got a licensed Zoom account, but you're encountering an error while trying to turn on the cloud recording feature in Claap.


  1. Activate Cloud Recording:

    • Sign into your Zoom account.

    • Navigate to Settings.

    • Access the Recording tab.

    • Scroll down to Automatic Recording and ensure the option Record in the Cloud is the one selected.

  2. Check Recording Settings:

    • Still in the Recording settings, locate the Cloud Recording option.

    • Ensure that the Cloud recording option is enabled (checked).

Note: If you can't adjust these settings, they might be restricted by the admin of your Zoom account. In this case, reach out to your Zoom admin to ensure these settings are correctly configured.

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