For Organization Members

The Organization Library serves as a one-stop shop for accessing lessons and activities. This area is highly customizable and allows for easy access to your Organization’s recommended materials. Save resources to your dashboard for use in your collaborations!


  • Browse the Organization Library to find your desired resource(s). (Click the “view all” button to view additional resources.)

  • Hit the floppy disc icon to the right of the resource title to add selected resource to your dashboard.

For Organization Administrators

This space allows Administrators of their Organization to share easily accessible lessons and activities. Need to share something with the whole community to jump start a collaboration? You’re in the right place.

Create a resource

  • Click the + button to the right of the Organization Library title.

  • Add either a new resource or select an existing resource from your personal dashboard.

  • Choose a name for the resource if creating a new one.

  • Add a description to let collaborators know the specifics of your resource. What is the activity about? Who does it pertain to? Who benefits from this resource?

  • After completing the description, you’ll get dropped into the resource. Now is the time to create the lessons and activities (which can be selected on the right hand side).

Upload existing resources from your personal library

  • Click the + button to the right of the Organization Library title.

  • Select “Add From My Personal Resource.”

  • Choose which resources you’d like to add to your Organization’s Library.

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