A pre-confirmed booking can be made when the school had a verbal agreement with a Relief Teacher to be booked on a specific date. 

Booking date, time and location should have been discussed and agreed upon by both school and casual. 

Please follow the steps below to make a pre-confirmed booking:

1. Tap on the Book A Teacher section

2. Choose the pre-confirmed booking

3. Click the date that you would like to make the booking next to the teacher’s name. You may also use the filtering option beside the search icon on the upper right side using distance, subject / tags, teaching levels and rating with a variety of sorting options. 

4. Select the dates, booking range (full day or half day), class being covered, teacher being covered, reason for absence and any extra details you may require.

5. Click send booking booking confirmation to confirm the request. 

Please note that this option will not ask the casual to accept or decline, it automatically books the casual in.

-The Relief Teacher will receive an Email and Push Notification (SMS if no app is installed) from the app to notify him/her about the booking.

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