Are you an approved COVID Intensive Learning Support Program tutor in NSW? Then you are in the right place!

Your teacher profile on ClassCover is now showing to schools that you are approved by the NSW Department of Education to participate in the program.

How can schools find you to hire you for the job?

Schools can find you in two ways:

  1. Find teachers - Schools can locate you in our library of teachers local to their school, view your profile and add you / reach out to you for further discussion or an interview.

  1. Post a job ad on ClassCover Jobs - Schools are posting job ads for COVID ILSP tutors to apply for the role. You can find all the jobs being posted under the tab ‘jobs’ on both the web and mobile app versions of ClassCover.

    Schools can see in the job applications if you are an approved teacher for the program via a tag. It is highly recommended to include a cover letter and ensure that your resume is uploaded to your profile under ‘attachments’

Pro tip: Set up job alerts so you are always notified when a local opportunity pops up. You can do this in your settings here.

Are you only on ClassCover because of the program and do not wish to be booked for casual days?

Please ensure that you have selected that you are only interested in ‘applying for job opportunities through ClassCover Jobs’ as per the screenshot below. This can be found under your ‘My profile’ and can only be updated on the web version of ClassCover.

You can also decline invites from schools who have reached out to add you to their regular booking list.

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