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How To Use ClassHero!
How To Use ClassHero!

Learn best practices implementing ClassHero into your classroom

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ClassHero is not just a math practice app for the students; it's a tool for teachers to apply what they are teaching in the classroom. However, just like any tool, it must be used correctly to be effective. This article will discuss proven best practices to implement ClassHero into your classroom.


ClassHero provides unique incentives to learn math in the form of Hero Badges. These badges are earned through frequency of practice sessions by students. Each badge has a number on it corresponding to the number of sessions it will take to achieve it. 

First Award

When a student first signs into the ClassHero student app, they will be prompted to select their first Hero Badge to work towards. We recommend encouraging students to start by selecting a badge that takes less time to earn. Earning a reward sooner provides quicker gratification and encourages continued effort in the lessons.

The picture above shows the Hero Badge for Grace Hopper. Her badge takes 15 sessions to complete. If students are only practicing once per day (recommended), than this badge will take 15 days for a student to complete. This might be too long and discourage students from attaining their first badge.

Changing Rewards

If a student has selected a reward that they no longer want to work towards they can change to a new one without losing their progress. All the puzzle pieces that the student has earned on their previous reward will be transferred to their new one.
Read Choosing a Reward Article.


Class Topic

When students log into the ClassHero app, they will see the Class Topic you have assigned them from your teacher dashboard.

Personalized Topic

If you assign a Tier 2 Personalized topic, that will show up for the student to whom it is assigned as "My Topic."

Live Monitoring and Action Items

Every day your students practice, ClassHero will create action items and a practice summary for you to review.

Your practice summary shows which students are meeting, approaching or below practice goals. This gives you a snapshot of the skill fluency of your class. 

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