Your Teacher Dashboard 

Your teacher dashboard shows all lessons that you have assigned. Through our differentiation system, you will be able to determine which students are successful and those who need support. 

Student Activity

If a student's name has a green dot next to it then the student is active and practicing; however, a red dot symbolizes an inactive student. In this way you can monitor student activity and be aware of who is on task. If you click on a students name, you can view a live preview of the problem that they are working on.

Progress Bars

Progress bars are a highly useful feature that provide an overview on the overall success of a student in a lesson. The color of the bar relates to accuracy, bright green being very accurate to darker orange being not accurate; while the bars themselves denote level of completion. Check marks mean the student has mastered the lesson and is comfortable with the material. You can also review students answers- Read Reviewing Student Work Article.

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