Creating a Custom Experience for Every Student

ClassHero uses one-click differentiation to help you decide whether a student is ready for the lesson you are planning to assign. This differentiation system shows you when a student is above, at, or below grade level in the subject you are assigning. ClassHero automatically uses a student's assessment data (MAP, iReady, etc.) and practice data to differentiate a student's readiness in specific skills and identify dependent skills that may need reviewing.

How Differentiation is Displayed

Assigning Lessons

If you assign a lesson to an entire class, ClassHero will display which students are at, below, or above the level of the assignment. This allows you to see which students may need some additional direction in the lesson or a prerequisite before attempting.

As you see in the image above you will be given a few different options for a class at different skill levels. With 'assign with differentiation' checked, students will be assigned to lessons on the same subject but at different difficulties.

  • At Grade Level: Students begin practice normally as assigned.

  • Below Grade Level: Students will be evaluated for with a prerequisite skill for the lesson that you are assigning.

  • Above Grade Level: Students will be evaluated for a more advanced version of the skill that you are assigning.

If you un-check 'assign with differentiation' students will all receive the same level lesson that you have assigned (not recommended). You also have the option to play a Khan Academy video before they practice as a refresher on the subject.

Differentiation on Display

After adding an assignment to the dashboard you can hover over the lesson card and ClassHero will use three different colors to display a students fluency in the subject. Green, purple and red highlights indicate the student is above, at, or below grade respectively.

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