Language Accommodation

ClassHero allows you to change the language in which the audio narration communicates with students, but leaves the text in English. In this way, students can relate the audio and text to understand better. It can accommodate for students that are more comfortable with Spanish, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Korean. 

Just like every other feature within ClassHero, this function can be customized individually for each student. You can change the audio narration's language for individual students or the class as a whole.

Khan Academy For Spanish Speakers

ClassHero occasionally uses Khan Academy to help student's practice sessions. If you change the narration language to Spanish for a student or to your class, then Khan Academy videos will also be displayed in Spanish. This feature only works for Spanish speaking students.

Changing Narration Language for Individual Students

1. Navigate to your Class Roster

Your class roster is located under your 'class settings' tab at the top of your teacher dashboard.

2. Select Student

Click the edit icon next to the student you intend to change narration language for.

3. Change Language

Scroll to the bottom of the student's settings and choose which language you would like the audio narration in. Then click 'save changes.'

Changing Narration Language for a Class

If your class is completely composed of students that know English as a second language, it is easier to change the narration language for the whole class.

Again go to your class settings tab and scroll down to the bottom of your student roster. Select which language you would like ClassHero to use with your class.

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