The adjust and monitor tab is used to quickly make changes to your classes learning plan, as well as get a snapshot of daily student progress. This and the Reward tab are replacing the old inbox system, providing an easier to use experience.

Adjustment Cards

The first thing that you will find in your 'Adjust & Monitor' tab are adjustment cards. These cards provide helpful advice along with a section to quickly solve the problems your students may be encountering. 

If you have a large number of adjustment cards to review, ClassHero may open with this section as you login. 

We recommend that you solve these cards before or after students practice each day.

Solving Adjustment Cards

To start solving the adjustment cards click 'Start Now.' Simply click through each card and make the recommended changes as you feel necessary.

Once you are complete your the cards will disappear until the next time your students practice. 

Practice Summary

Everyday your class practices with ClassHero will generate a practice summary that displays those who are meeting, approaching, and below practice goals. It will also display students who watched an instructional video during their session.

This section is best used for you to identify those who may need more instruction and those who are ready to move on.

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