ClassHero is designed to be aligned to your scope in sequence, while still delivering differentiated, personalized practice for your students. As such, we recommend you assign practice based on what you're teaching this week. Assigning too many skills at once can leave students confused on what they should be focusing on. 

  • 1 to 3 Assignments Per Week: Use your Morning Message to create a mini-lesson for your students based on your scope & sequence

  • Unassign Skills Weekly: Review yesterday's lesson or address areas where you noticed students struggled 

  • Use Morning Messages for Instruction: Recognize students by name by mentioning them in your video (your kids will love this) for completing their practice time



Open the Skills Explorer

Click the + Assignments button to launch the Skills Explorer. The Skills Explorer contains all state-aligned curriculum for your classes grade level. You can access curriculum for any grade level Pre-k through 8 by using the grade drop down menu at the top of the window. 



Select an assignment based on your scope & sequence

Browse or search assignments to find the skill you're teaching this week. Skills are grouped based on strand and can be searched by using curriculum IDs such as Common Core or TEKs. Click on any assignment to preview it before assigning to your class.



Preview assignment

Each assignment has 3 tabs:

  • Students - View student readiness and progress on this assignment

  • Overview - Preview questions from this assignment and see what students will see

  • Preview Video - Preview the Khan Academy video associate with this assignment

Assignments will presented with either with or without 1-Click Differentiation based on which license a teacher is using.

  1. DISTRICT License: If your district has licensed ClassHero for their teachers ClassHero will automatically import student assessment data from their last interim assessment. ClassHero uses this assessment data to enable 1-Click Differentiation when you assign practice.

  2. FREE Teacher License: If you're using the standard FREE ClassHero license 1-Click Differentiation is unavailable.



Assign to class

Once you've reviews the assignment click the purple Assign to Class button. Each assignment you add will be added to your students' ClassHero student app dashboard until they reach proficiency OR you unassign it.


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