ClassHero is designed to be aligned to your scope in sequence, while still delivering differentiated, personalized practice for your students. As such, we recommend you assign practice based on what you're teaching this week. Assigning too many skills at once can leave students confused on what they should be focusing on. 

  • Total time needed: 15-30 minutes: Recognize students will need extra time to practice with the morning message and idle practice.

  • 4-5 times per week: Encourage your students to practice daily.


Step 1

Students access ClassHero

With Clever:

If you're students use Clever from their home devices they simply need to launch their Clever dashboard and click on the ClassHero icon to access ClassHero.

With Class Pin:

  1. Have students navigate in their browsers to and click on Student Login in the upper right corner. If your district has added ClassHero to their app directory they can also download the Google or iOS app.

  2. Next click on "School Login" button

  3. Students type in your unique class pin   AX56J7

  4. Students choose their name from the list of students



Students choose a HeroBadge to earn

If your students are new to ClassHero the first thing they'll need to do is choose a Reward Badge they’d like to earn. The number on each badge represents the number of days it will take to earn. As students complete practice sessions towards their goal they earn a puzzle piece of their badge (a card with a 7 is a 7 piece puzzle). Once their puzzle is complete they get to choose a new HeroBadge to earn.

Remote Tip: Use your Morning Message to highlight students by reading the names of those who've earned a new HeroBadge!



You're Morning Message plays automatically

After choosing their reward your Morning Message will automatically play, supplying them with connection, encouragement and remote instruction to prepare them for their distance learning.



Students choose an assignment

Your student is now ready to start their practice! The ClassHero student app displays all of the assignments you've made from your teacher dashboard. 

Remote Tip: Since students can choose which assignment to work on it's important to keep the number of assignment for each student from 1-3 per week. Any more than that and they may find it confusing on which assignment they should be working on.



Students begin practice

Each practice session lasts 10 minutes and will automatically adapt question difficulty and future lessons based on a student’s individual needs. ONLY time spent practicing is counted toward each students 10 minute goal (their 10 minute time will actually pause when they are idle). We recommend 4-5 practice sessions per week. You can also assign multiple 10 minute sessions per day.

Remote Tip Parents should set aside 15-30 minutes for student practice. Setup + Morning Message + Practice Time will turn even a single 10 minute session into 15 minute.


Next up: Review Student Progress

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