At the end of each day (or the beginning of a new one) ClassHero makes it quick and easy to review your entire class's practice session, make adjustments & monitor individual student progress.

  • Make Adjustments as Needed: ClassHero will automatically inform you when we notice adjustments or interventions that need to made based on student behavior.

  • Review Practice Daily: Take just 2 minutes per day to review what and how students practiced from home with the Daily Practice Summary. 

  • Monitor Student Progress: Investigate individual students and see how they answered individual practice questions.


Navigating the Home Screen

When you login to ClassHero, you will begin at the home screen. The home screen section allows you to quickly review all student practice in just a few minutes with:

  1. Action Items

  2. Weekly Activity

  3. Assignment Manager



Review Action Items

Action items are quick flash cards for teachers that highlight recommended adjustments a teacher needs to make to improve student outcomes. Examples of adjustment cards are

  • Random Answering

  • Additional practice needed

  • Reduce assignment count

  • Increase participation

  • Align practice & instruction

  • Allow more practice time

Note: Action items only appear when you need to be informed. If you don't have any to review, then keep up the good work.



Review Practice Summaries and Weekly Activity

The Practice Summary generates easy to read reports on student performance for each session:

  • Meeting Practice Goals 75% accuracy or above, good answering speed and 9+ minute practice session..

  • Approaching Practice Goals 40% - 75% accuracy, reasonable answering speed and 9+ minute practice session.

  • Below Practice Goals These students failed to meet practice goals in one or more of the following ways: accuracy below 40%, below average speed or insufficient practice time.

  • Reassigned Dependent Skill Student has struggled with the assigned skill, been evaluated and reassigned a prerequisite skill

  • Watched Instructional Video A Khan Academy video has been played for additional instruction



Review individual students

Click on a student name from the roster on the left to open a student's profile. A complete history of a students assignments and progress is displayed. Click on an assignment to view performance details, including individual answers to questions they worked on.

Note: You can also view student progress from the Assign tab, where progress is displayed as colored progress bars.



Record > Assign > Practice > Review

You've just completed the ClassHero Distance Learning Guide. Just follow these 4 steps daily to make instructing and learning math as a distance fun and simple.

Questions? Need some help? Chat us anytime by clicking the purple help icon in the lower right side of your screen and we'll be happy to help!

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