Q: What if I didn't get a email invitation?

A: If you did not receive an email invitation, contact your child's teacher as soon as possible for a second invitation.

What is in the email invitation?

A: The email invitation will include login credentials (class pin & student ID) and the link to the sign in page.

Where does my child login to ClassHero?

A: You can visit http://app.classhero.com and bookmark it for future use.

How does my child login to ClassHero?

A: To login you will need your child's class pin and, depending on your students grade level, their student ID. Lower grade students will only need their class pin.

Is there an app version for ClassHero?

A: Yes! We recommend installing the app version of ClassHero if you are working on iPad, Tablet, or Chromebook.

You can download the apps here: Apple/iPad Version OR Tablet/Chromebook Version

When should my child practice with ClassHero? How often?

A: ClassHero was designed to be used 10min on a daily basis. We recommend sitting your child down at the same time each day after their teacher has recorded a morning message.

What is a morning message?

A: Morning messages are short update videos that will begin playing as soon as students login to the app.

Q: How do I know when a teacher has recorded a morning message?

You will receive an email notification every time your child's teacher has recorded a morning message.

Q: How does my child view the morning messages?

A: Morning messages will automatically play after your child has logged in.

How does my child submit assignments in ClassHero?

A: Assignment progress is automatically submitted to your child's teacher after each practice session. No submission required!

Can I review my child's practice in ClassHero?

A: Absolutely! Contact your child's teacher for an email progress report.

What are the rewards in ClassHero?

A: ClassHero uses printed Hero Badges to incentivize students to practice. HeroBadges are colorful, printed cards highlighting histories greatest, scientists, mathematicians and inventors. Students earn HeroBadges in the app by completing practice sessions. The number on the front of the card denotes how many 10 minute practice sessions are needed to earn that Badge.

How are rewards being distributed during remote learning?

A: As of now, students will not receive physical copies of Hero Badges. However, teachers may acknowledge those who have earned badges during there morning messages.

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