HeroBadges are our unique reward system to incentivize students to practice math with ClassHero. Each badge displays a influential hero from history, such as Albert Einstein, Grace Hopper, and Alan Turing.

The number on the front of the badge represents the number of practice sessions it takes to earn it. Before practice students will select a HeroBadge to work towards. After each practice session, students will be awarded a puzzle piece for that badge. Once a student has collected all the pieces of their badge, you will be notified to reward that student.

Printing & Handing Out Badges

To print out full sets of HeroBadges:

  1. Click the menu in the top left of the corner, and select 'HeroBadges'

  2. Then click the purple 'Download & Print' button in the top right corner.

[For best results we recommend using a sturdy card stock]

You can also download the sets here: Set 1 & Set 2

When students earn a HeroBadge, ClassHero will notify you in your Action Items or 'To Hand Out' section. Simply check off the box, and hand the student their rewards as they earn them.

New Sets

We are releasing the 2nd set of HeroBadges with more on the way! Keep a look out for new updates.

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