ClassHero aims to help you make the most of your existing curriculum, without adding to your workload.

But many teachers who try ClassHero have been overwhelmed by the required customization. As homework assignments stack up, they tell us they can’t continually manage the assigning and unassigning of practice. As a result, they lose the benefits they would be getting from Supercharging a curriculum with ClassHero: visibility into student outcomes is muddled, and students don’t always know where to work in their side of the app.

We’ve heard from so many of you that you simply don’t have time to manage “one more thing.”

Our goal with the new ClassHero is to give teachers one less thing to worry about.

Here’s our approach:

  1. We’ve mapped all our practice questions to popular math curriculums, from which teachers can choose (including a Common-Core aligned curriculum by ClassHero if you don’t like the others). We’re rolling out new curriculums on short notice as paying customers request. We think teachers using these curriculums will find ClassHero practice becomes a way to replace undifferentiated paper packets.

  1. Assignments are now based on Topics (a collection of skills) and require an “until date” at which point it will stop being visible to students, so that your homework doesn’t pile up as the semester goes on. ClassHero will unassign the homework at that time, removing it from student visibility. You’ll also be prompted to assign the next topic in your chosen curriculum with one click. The “until date” is always changeable as you discover the cadence your classroom requires on any given topic.

Our team is unified in our focus on this new strategy for helping teachers. We appreciate your bringing ClassHero into your class, and while we hope you’ll find the new approach gives you one less thing to worry about, we recognize that some of you have a preference for more customizable assignment structures and may find that other products will serve that purpose better for you and your students.


Changes That will Impact existing ClassHero accounts:

  1. Teachers will not have the ability to uniquely assign or unassign items for individual students. Assignments will now be made to all students in your class, with dependent skills and advanced skills assigned automatically to students based on their practice results.

  1. Rather than assigning specific skill practice to students, teachers will assign one topic at a time. Topics contain a set of topic-relevant skills. Teachers will not be able to assign skills from multiple topics at the same time.

  1. The reorganization of our question set into a topic-based structure means those of you who’ve had students start practicing last week will need to reassign homework in the new structure, and your students initial practice results won’t persist into the new structure.


Moving Forward

We know that for some existing users, this shift will mean ClassHero is no longer a good fit for their students. However, we sincerely hope that these changes will result in a product that is more integrated into most teachers daily workflow and better aligned with classroom curriculum.

We would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via chat in the ClassHero app or send us an email

–The ClassHero Crew

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