How to view your Registers

You have already attached your students to their relevant classes. So now, how do you view your lessons registers to record attendance?

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If it is the day of the lesson, you will see a link to those lesson's registers straight from the Dashboard for super easy access.

Of course, though, you can access your registers on any other day, but in a slightly different way.
On the main menu, head to Classes > View All, click into the current season and you can search for the class you need:

Alternatively, use our handy Global search to look for your class. Just start typing on any page...

Once on that particular class page, head to the 'lessons' tab to see all of the lessons you have created across the term/semester/month. Here simply click into the lesson you would like to view the register for:

Here is what the register will look like:

Head to our other articles to see how to record attendance and print registers.

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