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Preparing Classes, Invoices & Registers for the New Term/Semester/Month
Preparing Classes, Invoices & Registers for the New Term/Semester/Month

This is when you are nearing the end of a term/semester/half term/month and you are ready to generate new registers and invoices.

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Getting ready for the new period couldn't be simpler.

We have a feature called 'Clone' which allows you to copy over all your previous classes but apply the new dates to them. Meaning you do not have to go through and create your classes from scratch again or edit dates on old classes.

You will always need to create these clones of your classes as your previous ones have already been billed for!

With your current/past season set up, you are simply able to clone the entire season at once to create the new season to contain those copied over classes.

To do this, go to 'Classes' and 'View All'.

Simply click into the current/past season that you intend to clone.

You will see a 'Clone Season' button at the top of the page to action this:

This button will redirect you to a new page where you will be able to view all the classes you have within the season. You are also able to add in the name of the new season and the new dates.

You also have the option to uncheck lessons, students or waiting lists associated with the classes you are going to clone. If unchecked, it will copy over all class details except the data in question.

For example, if all of your students for a particular class are changing, you can uncheck students on that class and it will not copy them over so you can start from scratch.

Once you have entered the new season's name and dates, click 'Clone Season' and the new season will be created with all of the new classes created within it.

This will copy everything over including all the students that are attached, meaning all your registers will have been created and you will now be able to go through to 'Billing' and create all of your new invoices.

Obviously, if there are any changes, such as students joining/leaving classes or time changes, just head into those cloned classes and make those changes before you bill.

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