Setting up these types of payments can save you a lot of admin time and promote faster payments from your customers.

To accept these credit/debit card payments, you will need to set up a Stripe account (our registered third party payment provider).

To set up a Stripe account, go to 'Billing' > 'Settings' > 'Payment Methods' where you will see 'create a stripe account':

This will redirect you to Stripe to get your account set up with them to manage those transactions. Once you have completed the setup with them, your Stripe account will be integrated with your Class Manager account.

Once activated, all invoices sent to customers will have a button attached to the email allowing them to pay the fees online. They will also have the ability to pay via the portal.

Once the customer pays by credit/debit card, that invoice will automatically register as 'Paid' or 'Part Paid' if an underpayment. The payment will automatically be added to your payments list.

You can log into your Stripe account at any time and have full visibility of all of these online transactions. Here you also have the option to issue a refund straight to a customers card.

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