Some customers don't pay the invoices on time. In these cases, you can easily and politely send a payment reminder email.
You can also set up automated payment reminders on your Class Manager account.

Firstly, go to 'Billing' and then to 'Invoices'.

After this, you then have the two options below to send a payment reminder email.

First option:

Select the invoice you want to send a reminder for. Press 'Send Reminder Email' at the top of the invoice view and the customer will automatically receive this email with the details of their invoice and the amount they have left to pay.

This is what the email they receive will look like:

Second option:

Select the invoices you would like to send a reminder for. You can do this by searching for the customer name, using the classes filter box or simply clicking on a status to filter invoices that are still 'Awaiting Payment' or 'Part-Paid'.  Click 'Group actions'. Once on the list, choose 'Send Reminder Email' and confirm your send. The customer will receive the same email.

If the invoice has been 'Part-Paid' the amount will just show the remainder they have to pay. It will also give the due date that it needs to be paid by. If it is overdue it will say it is overdue by so many days.

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