Activating this feature means once registered and logged into the portal, customers can see classes you are offering and can enrol themselves onto them.
You have the option to make these enrolments automatic or so that they require approval.

To get started with this feature, head to 'Settings' > 'Company' > 'Information'.

Here you will find where you can initially activate this feature using the check box.

There is also the option to add the date here for enrolment eligibility. This is only relevant if you plan to limit enrolments based on age.
You can choose either an age enrolment date or choose the option to reflect the age of the student at the time of the class.
For example:
David M. wants to attend your classes next September, but he is only 5 years old. However, he will turn 6 in August next year, so he would be able to book a class now if you set the second option.

You will go through to choose your enrolment age limits when you create/edit an individual class.

Once this has been activated, you will need to decide which of your classes you would like to opt in to this feature. Find out how to activate these enrolments for specific classes here.

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