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How to Add a Student to a Class
How to Add a Student to a Class

When you create a class, how can you add new students that are attending?

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Before doing this, you need to make sure you have already created the class. Find out how to do that here.

So, you will need to find the class you want to add students to. To do that, go to 'Classes' and then click 'View All'. Once on this page, select the related season and then the class that you want to add students to.

When you are on the page of your class, go to the 'Student List' tab in order to add a new student.

In the 'Student List', select 'Attach / Detach':

Now use the search bar to find who you need and you can choose which students you want to add to the class with the slider function like in the example below. If you want, you can also take off a student by sliding the other way.

You do not have to manually attach students to classes. We have an online enrolment feature where customers can enrol their students to classes themselves through the portal. Learn how to activate that here.

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