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What is the waiting list and how it works

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You can find the waiting list under 'Classes' > 'Waiting List', but what is it?

When a new student is enrolled by a customer from the portal into a class, but the class capacity is full, the student will automatically be moved into the waiting list.

There is a general waiting list that applies to all classes:

You will be able to see the name of the student, what class they are waiting for and the date they were added to the waiting list.
If you want to add the student to a class, you just need to select them and press 'Attach Selected'.
You can manually override the class capacity if you are happy to exceed this. 

You can also modify the capacity of the class in 'Class' > 'View All'. Then you select the class you want and you press 'Edit'

Change 'Capacity' and don't forget to 'Save'

Finally, you can also see the waiting list of the specific class from its page under the 'Waiting List' tab. Here you will be able to see the capacity of the class and the number of students who are on the waiting list. 

Moreover, you can add a student from the class to the waiting list with the button 'Move to waiting list'.

A student that is on the waiting list for a class will not have an invoice generated for them until they are part of the class.

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