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How to Add a Holiday or Time Off for One Particular Class
How to Add a Holiday or Time Off for One Particular Class

When you want to add holiday but just for a particular class

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If you want to add a holiday or time off for all your classes you can do this using our holidays feature. learn how to set that up here.

However you are able to add a holiday for one individual class if it is not occurring for one week during the season.

Go on 'Classes' > 'View All' and click into the season of the related class.

Then, click into the class that you want to add the time off for and open the page. When viewing the class details, go to the 'Lessons' tab.

Here, for the time you are not teaching and the lesson you want to exclude because you are away or on holiday you can make this one inactive.

In the Status column, you can toogle the switch active or inactive to update the status of each lesson. There is also an option to "Toggle All to Active/Inactive" at the top of the page to change the status of all lessons in the class at once:

When you want to remove the holiday, you just have to toggle the corresponding lesson active again.

When you have made a lesson inactive it will discount it from your calendar, and if you have your class cost set to 'Lesson' or 'Week' it will also discount from your billing.

Note that you need to re-generate invoices for a class after making lessons inactive to make sure that this change is reflected in the billing.

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