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How to Download a Term Register to Print
How to Download a Term Register to Print

For when you want a paper copy of a class register to mark your attendances

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When you take a lesson, you have the option to have a paper termly register to simply mark which students are here and which students are absent.

To do this, go to 'Classes' > 'View All', click on the current or upcoming season and choose which class you want a term register for:

Open the class page and go on the tab 'Lessons'. Once on the tab, press the button 'Download term register' at the top on the right.

Or you can download registers only for some classes.
Just go to 'Classes', then 'View all'. choose the season and pick classes on the general list:

In 'Group Actions', choose 'Download Registers':

You can also download registers for all your classes in a term.

To do that, click on the season and then on Download Registers - this option can be found on the right from the season's description:

In either case, a PDF version of a register or registers will download to the device you are using. So you just need to open your download and print. The term register will look like the example below.

As well as the student name, it will have their emergency contact's details and any medical information you have stored for them.

Other details can also be added to registers, such as:

  • Age and DOB

  • The current balance of the customer

  • Emergency contact details

To add these, head to Settings > Company > Information and tick off the respective boxes in the PDF registers section:

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