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What are 'Seasons'?
What are 'Seasons'?

This feature means your classes are grouped together by time period

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Classes are categorised into seasons. Essentially these are folders that your classes will be contained within; grouping them into time periods. 

Seasons gives you the ability to group together those classes that happen over a specific time period making it easy to find the current or old class you are looking for. 

You are able to set your seasons to whatever time frame you choose, whether that be a term, semester, half term or month. We would always recommend that your seasons run for the length of time that you bill your customers.

You are able to edit the names of those seasons to whatever you want and there will be a clear division between what seasons have passed (Archived), seasons that are 'Active' and seasons that contain future classes (Upcoming).

You will see the categorisation when you head to your class page:

When you click into a season you will see your classes that are contained within it and your options for your seasons:

It gives you the ability to generate invoices for that specific season with the 'Invoice Season' button.

Find out how to invoice for your chosen season here.

It also means it makes it super easy for your to get set up for the new season using the 'Clone Season' button. 

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